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Reno Drug Crime Lawyers Discuss Controlled Substances

Drug crimes have become a priority for law enforcement officers nationwide, and while there is ample debate over how our criminal justice system handles drug crimes and penalizes non-violent drug offenders, the fact is that people still get arrested, charges, and penalties for drug offenses all the time.

At Joey Gilbert Law, our Reno criminal defense lawyers have decades of collective experience protecting the rights, freedoms, and futures of clients charges with all types of drug crimes, ranging from first-time offenses to the most serious felony allegations. Examples of the drug crime cases we handle include:

  • Possession of a controlled substance
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Under the influence of a controlled substance
  • Driving under the influence (DUI) of a controlled substance
  • Sale of a controlled substance / Possession for purpose of sale
  • Trafficking / transportation of a controlled substance
  • Manufacturing of drugs (i.e. methamphetamine)

As with any criminal charge, drug crime charges are fact-specific cases. This means that the severity of your charges, your available options for resolution (i.e. drug diversion or alternative sentencing), and the penalties you face are dependent on the unique facts and circumstances involved. This can include not only the alleged conduct you are accused of and any prior convictions, but also the type of controlled substance involved and the amount.

Controlled Substances & Drugs That Can Lead to Criminal Charges

Drug crimes largely focus on illegal drugs and narcotics known as controlled substances. Controlled substances are defined by statutory law and the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA), which categorizes various drugs into “schedules” based on their dangers and potential for abuse. Below, we provide information about illegal substances that can lead to drug crime allegations in Nevada:

  • Opioids – Opioids have become a major public health and safety concern, which is why law enforcement officers and prosecutors take these cases seriously. From heroin (a Schedule I drug), fentanyl, and other powerful opioids to prescription medications such as Vicodin, Percocet, OxyContin, and Codeine, Nevada draws no distinction between the types of opioids when penalizing offenders.
  • Stimulants – Stimulants such as cocaine, crack cocaine, and methamphetamine are Schedule II controlled substances, but they can still pose substantial penalties in Nevada. Crimes involving stimulant substances often include possession, sales, and transportation, but may also include serious allegations involving manufacturing.
  • Marijuana – While many states, including Nevada, have legalized marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes, the fact remains that it is still a Schedule I controlled substance under federal law. As such, individuals may face federal allegations involving marijuana, especially if they are accused of major crimes like trafficking or cultivation. Additionally, there are still ways you can face marijuana-related crimes in Nevada, particularly if you fail to comply with state laws regarding legal use, drive under the influence or marijuana, or commit some other type of crime.
  • Other Drugs – While opioids, stimulants, and marijuana comprise a bulk of drug crimes prosecuted in Nevada, there are many other types of controlled substances that can lead to criminal allegations. These include psychedelics such as LSD or mushrooms, MDMA (ecstasy / molly), GHB and Rohypnol, PCP, Ketamine, and more.
  • Synthetic Drugs – Synthetic drugs are a unique type of controlled substance, and while some synthetic forms of drugs like marijuana may escape legislation by constantly updating formulas and chemical compounds, they can still result in criminal charges, especially when one drives under the influence of a synthetic drug or narcotic or sells them illegally.
  • Imitation Drugs – While imitation drugs may not be considered an illegal substance, Nevada does have laws which make it illegal to possess, sell, make, distribute, or advertise imitation drugs.

Discuss Your Case & Rights During a FREE Consultation

Drug crime allegations of any type have the potential to jeopardize your freedom and your future, which is why it becomes to crucial to work with proven defense attorneys when you’ve been arrested and charged. At Joey Gilbert Law, our Reno drug crime attorneys leverage extensive experience and resources to help clients protect their futures through an exploration of their available defense strategies and options, including options like drug diversion that can keep them from behind bars and keep their records clean.

To discuss a drug crime case, your rights, and how we can help, contact us for a FREE and confidential consultation. Joey Gilbert Law proudly serves Reno and the surrounding areas of Nevada, and is available 24/7 to help!


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