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Being charged with any drug crime is a serious matter that can subject defendants to life-altering penalties. When those charges are handled by the federal government, the stakes are even higher. That’s due to the federal government’s ability to dedicate tremendous resources when investigating, arresting, and charging defendants suspected of crimes that involve multiple states, large quantities of controlled substances, occur on federal land, or involve other offenses and unlawful activity that violate federal law – as well as the potential for penalties and terms of imprisonment that often exceed those handed down in state courts.

Because your future is at risk when being investigated or charged by the federal government, working with experienced criminal defense attorneys like those at Joey Gilbert Law is critical. Our attorneys know how federal investigations and prosecutions work, how federal law is structured, and how to effectively protect the rights, freedoms, and futures of our clients. In every federal drug crime case, we fight aggressively and intelligently for the best possible outcome.

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If you or a loved one have been charged with a federal drug crime in Reno or any of the surrounding areas of Nevada, Joey Gilbert Law is available to help you immediately. Call (775) 574-4774 24/7 to request a FREE and confidential consultation.

Serious Representation for Serious Charges

Federal drug charges are notorious for their severity, which is why anyone who has been arrested by federal authorities (including the FBI or DEA) or is facing charges in a federal court needs proven and experienced representation. Our legal team at Joey Gilbert Law has cultivated the insight, resources, and determination required of even the most serious federal drug crime cases, including those involving:

  • Drug possession on federal land
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Distribution
  • Federal marijuana crimes (including cultivation, trafficking, or sales)
  • Manufacturing

Because the federal government is exceedingly aggressive in handling drug crime cases, individuals accused of federal drug offenses may face charges for additional federal crimes. Our attorneys also have the experience to handle any offenses levied in conjunction to a federal drug charge, including fraud (mail, wire, prescription, etc.), tax evasion, money laundering, and more.

Federal Criminal Defense: Protecting Your Freedom & Future

Federal crimes are known for being some of the most serious, aggressively prosecuted, and harshly punished offenses in our criminal justice system – and drug crimes comprise nearly half of all federal criminal cases. Because these cases are handled in federal courts where federal law applies, they demand the attention of attorneys who have experience handling federal cases; not every lawyer handles these cases or practices in federal courts. They also demand representation capable of defending against the serious and often life-altering penalties at stake. This includes considerable sentences in federal prison, as well as harsh sentencing guidelines and mandatory minimums judges use to sentence offenders. Keep in mind, federal defendants are not only often subject to harsh mandatory minimums, but must also often serve more of their sentences than defendants sentenced to state prisons. Due to these unique factors, federal drug crimes demand the attention of proven defense attorneys.

Call (775) 574-4774 for a FREE Consultation

If you have been made aware of a pending federal investigation or have already been charged with a federal crime (or have a loved one who has been charged), do not wait to make the most important call you can. Our attorneys understand the serious nature of federal drug allegations, and are prepared to immediately review your case, discuss your rights, and explain how we can help as soon as you reach out to us. To get started during a FREE consultation, contact us today. Our firm is available 24/7.

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  • Joey Gilbert Law did an outstanding job representing me. They aggressively pursued my case; they recovered a considerable sum; and I am grateful for their efforts.

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