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Introducing Greta Smit

We are starting 2019 off with a brand new partnership! Ms. Margaretha Smit has been proudly serving the Reno area for years and is an expert at all things related to immigration law. With a Masters of European Studies in Economics, a Master of International Business Administration, and a Juris Doctorate, Greta is a brilliant multi-lingual attorney that knows how to get things done. For the past ten years, she has handled a wide range of cases, including Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Fraud, Premises Liability, Breach of Contract and more. An immigrant herself from the Netherlands, Greta chose to focus exclusively on immigration starting in 2014 and since then has helped over 1,000 people correctly file for adjustment of status and avoid deportation.

Why immigration?

Even before our current presidential administration, filing paperwork with the Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) Department was incredibly difficult and confusing. Now, things have become even worse. Because Ms. Smit has been through the immigration process herself, she knows how difficult it can be 
to correctly file the paperwork involved and how important it can be to avoid deportation. She wanted 
to focus on immigration law because of her experience and because she wanted to make an impact in 
the lives of other immigrants and give them an opportunity to make a life for themselves here in the 
United States.

How bad has it become?

Very few legal forms are easy to understand, however it seems as if the Citizenship and Immigration Services Department is determined to make immigrating into the United States as difficult as possible. For example, just two years ago, the I-130 form, which allows citizens or permanent residents to petition for an alien relative to immigrate, was only two pages long. Today, it has eighteen pages. Additionally, the people working at CIS have become harder to deal with as well. People who once treated Ms. Smit with kindness and respect are now curt and deliberately unhelpful, making this tricky process even more difficult.
 Why it matters

While becoming a citizen or permanent resident has many advantages, the most important thing that Greta is able to provide for her clients is security, both physically and economically. Without a green card, it can be almost impossible to get a job, and every day there is the fear of being arrested or deported for no reason other than being an illegal immigrant. Unfortunately, because the process to become a citizen is so challenging, and because a rejected application can actually give cause for deportation, many people fear applying at all. That is where Greta Smit comes to the rescue, using her expert knowledge to correctly file all the right paperwork and keep her clients out of legal danger.

Looking forward

We are so excited to have such a knowledgeable and kind-hearted attorney join forces with us here at Joey Gilbert Law. We have a terrific feeling about the year ahead of us. Now, with Greta by our side, we will be able to serve hundreds more people in the community and help them combat the oppressive forces of Citizenship and Immigration Services and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. We can’t wait to see Greta in action!

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