Wine Walk Reno: Protect Your Rights at Public Events

The popular Wine Walk has become a celebrated festivity in Reno. Every third Saturday of the month, the Riverwalk Merchants Association hosts the event along the Truckee River and neighboring streets in downtown Reno, allowing of-age adults to receive wristbands and wine glasses and sample wine at any participating merchant. Although the event is intended to be fun and a way for local residents and tourists to enjoy the outdoors and local scene, there are always risks – especially in terms of potential crimes and safety.

At Joey Gilbert Law, our legal team has extensive experience representing individuals who come to us as a result of incidents that occur at Wine Walk and other similar public events in Reno. As a firm with an established reputation in criminal defense and personal injury, we wanted to discuss a few issues that may arise, as well as the importance and benefits of hiring competent legal counsel when things don’t go as planned.

  • Open Container / Drinking in Public Laws – Nevada enforces laws that prohibit individuals from driving with open containers of alcohol and walking in certain public areas. Although is it typically illegal to walk with an open container or drink alcohol in public in Reno, there are annual and special events where exceptions are made. However, these events typically only permit open containers in a specified area, which means you can still face charges if you wander off into other public spaces. In Nevada, violating an open container law in public is a misdemeanor that carries serious penalties, including up to 6 months in jail. Other similar offenses, including being drunk in public, can also result in serious repercussions. If you plan on enjoying festivities that do allow drinking in public, knowing what is and what is not permitted, and drinking responsibly, is critical to avoiding potential charges. Unfortunately, we know that attendees can still find themselves in trouble with the law, even if they believed they were within their rights, and are available to help them discuss options and defense strategies to avoid or mitigate the penalties they face.
  • Minors – Public events like Wine Walk draw big crowds, including individuals who are not yet of drinking age. Because local security and law enforcement know there may be minors who attempt to obtain wristbands or drink in public, they keep a close eye on potential offenses involving Fake IDs and minor in possession of alcohol. Our team has extensive experience representing juveniles and individuals under 21 charged with alcohol-related offenses.
  • DUI – Driving under the influence (DUI) is always a concern for law enforcement, and especially so after major events like Wine Walk. If you plan on attending, be sure to drink responsibly or plan for a ride. Law enforcement will be on high alert for attendees who get into their vehicles after drinking, and often arrest and charge motorists for DUI, including driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or drugs. Whether it’s a first offense, a second or third DUI, or a serious felony DUI, these charges and the penalties they pose are nothing to take lightly.
  • Accident & Injuries – With big crowds and alcohol consumption come serious risks. This includes risks of auto accidents (including DUI accidents), slip and fall accidents, third party assaults, and other incidents that can lead to injuries. Whether you’ve been injured while on another’s property or as the result of a car accident, seeking immediate medical attention and the counsel of experienced personal injury attorneys will be critical to protecting yourself and your right to compensation.

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If you have plans to attend Wine Walk or simply enjoy the nightlife and local atmosphere of Reno, we hope you do so safely! If you or someone you love are charged with a crime or suffer injuries in preventable accidents, know that you can find the support and representation you need by reaching out to our award-winning criminal defense and personal injury lawyers. We proudly serve clients throughout Reno and the surrounding areas of Nevada! Contact us 24/7 to discuss your legal needs.


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