Driving on a Suspended License in Nevada: 5 Things You Should Know

Driving on a suspended license may be a crime many have heard before, but few are familiar with what exactly those charges entail and just how serious the penalties can be. If your or someone you love has recently been arrested and charged with driving on a suspended license anywhere in Reno or the surrounding areas of Nevada, you need to be aware that serious charges and repercussions are on the line – and that you have a right to protect your freedom, driving privileges, and future with the support of experienced criminal defense attorneys like those at Joey Gilbert Law.

Below, our Reno criminal defense lawyers provide information about a few important things you should know when it comes to driving on a suspended licenses charges in Nevada:

1. The reason for a license suspension matters – A Nevada driver’s license can be suspended for a number of reasons, from not paying traffic tickets to being convicted of DUI (alcohol and /or drugs). When it comes to driving on a suspended license, the underlying reason why a license was suspended will greatly impact the charge and potential penalties you face. For example:

  • DUI – If your driver’s license has been suspended due to a DUI conviction, driving on a suspended license is typically charged as a misdemeanor and carries penalties that may include a 1-year license revocation, a minimum of 30 days in jail (or potential home confinement or alternative sentencing), and court-ordered fines and fees.
  • Non-DUI Suspension – If your license was suspended for reasons other than a DUI conviction (such as certain juvenile crimes, disobeying court orders, graffiti offenses, traffic tickets, or receiving 12 DMV demerit points), driving on a suspended license will be a misdemeanor punishable by court-ordered fines and fees, up to six months in jail, and an increased suspension period.

2. Additional License Suspension – In addition to possible terms of imprisonment and fines, individuals convicted of driving on a suspended license face repercussions to their driving privileges. This includes an additional suspension or revocation that is served consecutively (not concurrently) with the underlying suspension or revocation period). This means that if a driver’s license was suspended for 1 year and the driver was arrested and convicted of driving on a suspended license in the 11th month of that suspension, they would not be eligible to drive for 13 months (1 month of original suspension plus new 1-year suspension period). Examples of additional license suspension penalties include:

  • Driving on a suspended license – Doubling of original suspension period
  • Revoked driver’s license – Additional 1 year or license revocation
  • Restricted license – Driver’s license revocation of 1 year
  • License suspension for an indefinite time – Six-month suspension upon a first violation, and a 1-year suspension with prior convictions

3. Out-of-State Residents – Individuals who reside outside of Nevada can still be charged with driving on a suspended license, even if that license is issued in another state. Because the crime is typically charged as a misdemeanor, an attorney licensed in Nevada can appear on your behalf in court without you having to come back to the state, depending on the circumstances.

4. Deportation – Criminal allegations can threaten an individual’s immigration status, which is why it is important to understand how a charge may affect your ability to reside in the U.S. While cases will always vary, driving on a suspended license is not typically a deportable offense. However, immigration law is constantly changing, which is why it is important to work with attorneys who can help you understand any immigration implications associated with your charges. At Joey Gilbert Law, our legal team has experiencing representing non-U.S. citizens in a range of criminal cases.

5. You Have Options – By working with experienced criminal defense attorneys, you can protect your rights in the criminal justice and explore your available options for pursuing the most positive outcome possible. At Joey Gilbert Law, we help clients assess the charges and penalties they face, and can work with them to raise tailored defenses that challenge the terms of the underlying suspension, whether or not the suspension was in effect at the time of an arrest, and other defenses to seek dismissals. We can also help clients explore options for reduced charges and penalties, including plea bargains to a lesser offense, or alternative sentencing options in lieu of jail time, including community service, home confinement, and more.

If you or someone you love has been charged with driving on a suspended license, the time to act is now. Our legal team at Joey Gilbert Law has earned a reputation as hard-hitting defense attorneys who prioritize the needs of clients, and we’re available to help you as soon as you reach out to us. Contact us or call (775) 574-4774 to request a FREE and confidential consultation. We’re available 24/7!


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