After an Uber/Lyft Accident: Important Next Steps

Uber and Lyft have become leaders in the rideshare industry, servicing millions of riders throughout Nevada, the U.S., and the world. While riders choose these services for their convenience and pay a fee for a safe ride, there is certainly no guarantee they will obtain one. When accidents and injuries happen, victims need to take the right steps to protect themselves and their rights.

Our legal team at Joey Gilbert Law knows that car accidents can happen at any time, and that many victims harmed in wrecks, including those involving Uber or Lyft, are unfamiliar with the personal injury claim process and their right to compensation. That’s why we make ourselves available 24/7 to residents across Reno and Northern Nevada, and are readily prepared to help them move forward in protecting their rights as soon as they reach out for help.

While we encourage victims to contact us as soon as possible after an accident, we also want to ensure they have the right information they need. Here are a few important steps to take after an Uber or Lyft accident.

  • Medical treatment – Your health is your number one priority, and you should always accept medical care if necessary at the scene of an accident. Whether you received treated at scene and were released, taken to a local hospital, or did not receive treatment immediately following the crash, you should consult a doctor regarding any pain and symptoms you are experiencing, and even when you do not yet feel pain. Medical professionals have the tools needed to determine the scope of your injuries and treatment, as well as to identify any complications or injuries you may not have been aware about in the immediate aftermath of a crash. Not only is timely medical evaluation important for your health, it also proves valuable in documenting your injuries during the personal injury claim process. Insurance companies often highlight instances where victims wait to seek treatment as a sign that they were not really in pain, even if they were suffering all along.
  • Watch what you say – Following an accident, you may be contacted by the other party’s insurance company and / or representatives of Uber and Lyft. Bear in mind that these companies, as corporations, have motives to reduce their liability and pay victims as little as possible. By speaking with them, which you are not required to do, you risk saying something that can be used against you, or accepting a low settlement offer that fails to meet your needs. Rather than speak with these representatives, you can work with an attorney who can handle communication on your behalf.
  • Know your rights – As a victim of an accident that was not your fault, you have the right to seek financial compensation from the at-fault party. You must remember that even when another driver is at fault, compensation is never guaranteed. This is because you must pursue a civil personal injury case (even if the at-fault party is facing criminal charges for a crime that led to the accident, such as drunk driving), and because insurance companies and Uber and Lyft are adamant about limiting payouts to victims. They want to protect their bottom line, and in order to protect your interests, you can exercise your right to an attorney.
  • Understand insurance coverage – While you do not need to have a legal understanding of insurance coverage, it is important to know how insurance works in cases involving Uber and Lyft. Because these are companies that serve consumers, there are unique issued involved when it comes to liability and coverage. Specifically, who can be held liable and what insurance coverage limits apply will depend on the nature of an accident and who you were – such as if you were harmed by an Uber or Lyft driver while driving your own vehicle or as a pedestrian, were working as an Uber or Lyft driver (either transporting a fare or using the app) and were injured in a wreck caused by others, or passengers in Uber and Lyft rides. In some cases, Uber and Lyft (such as when a driver is transporting a fare) may be held liable for injuries and damages. In others (such as when an Uber or Lyft driver is “off the clock”), coverage may be provided by the driver’s personal insurance. By working with a lawyer, you can determine the most viable source for compensation.
  • Call a lawyer – One of the most important things you can do for yourself and any future personal injury claim you pursue after an accident is to speak with a qualified lawyer experienced in handling personal injury and car accident cases. Our attorneys at Joey Gilbert Law have helped many victims of auto accidents protect their right to compensation, even in challenging cases involving Uber and Lyft. We’re available 24/7 to help victims take the rights steps from the very start.

Get more information about your rights following an accident involving Uber or Lyft by calling (775) 574-4774 for a FREE consultation.


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