Preparing for Your First Criminal Appearance

After you have been arrested and charged with a crime in the state of Nevada, your case will proceed through the criminal court system. While the unique facts of your case may dictate how these proceedings are handled, such as if you are incarcerated without bail or free on your own recognizance, it is important to prepare yourself for what comes ahead and for presenting yourself in court.

At Joey Gilbert Law, we offer 24/7 support to local residents who have been charged with all types of crimes. When we meet and discuss cases with prospective clients, we always make it a point to educate them about the process, what they can expect moving forward, and when and where there will be court appearances that they have to attend. In some cases, you may not have to attend a court appearance, and our legal team will appear on your behalf. Still, at some point, you will have to appear in court, and it is best to be prepared.

Here are a few tips about being prepared:

  • Prepare your case – The most important part of preparing for a criminal court appearance is, of course, to prepare your case. In the initial stages, case preparation is important, but it may not always play a role in what happens at an initial appearance or arraignment. When you work with our legal team, we can ensure that your case is properly investigated and prepared prior to any hearing, even if it is a simple formality or even when you may wish to request a furtherance of your case. We also continue to work on your defense and explore all available strategies throughout the entirety of your case, not just for the initial appearance.
  • Know your court dates – Even if you may not have to attend an initial appearance, it is still in your best interests to know all court dates in your case. Our attorneys make it a point to keep clients apprised of all court dates, especially ones that they must attend. We also provide information on what to expect at these appearances, and what our strategy is going into each one.
  • Complete all relevant forms – Again, if you are working with our team, we make sure that all relevant forms and documents are filled out prior to any appearance where they are needed. If you are working on your own, remember that there are certain forms relevant to your case that you will likely need to complete.
  • Present yourself appropriately – When you do make an initial appearance, and any appearance thereafter, it is important to present yourself appropriately. This means dressing nicely, arriving on time, being patient and polite, and abiding by the rules of the courthouse. You should also come prepared with any documents and information you need. When it comes time for you to appear before a judge, you will want to be respectful and reply to the judge in a considerate manner when asked.

Preparing for any court appearance is an important part of your case, and it is something we do not leave to chance at Joey Gilbert Law. When you place your trust in our Reno criminal defense attorneys to handle your case, you can be confident that our team will not only fully prepare your defense, but also speak personally with you about what you can expect and what you should do anytime you are in court.

To learn more about retaining the help of our proven criminal defense team to help you during your criminal case, contact us for a FREE consultation.


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