4 Motorcycle Safety Tips to Celebrate Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Many do not know, but May has been deemed Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. During this month, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration hopes that communities and individuals will truly consider the importance of sharing the road with motorcycles. Because motorcycles are much smaller and lighter than larger vehicles, such as passenger cars and trucks, collisions involving motorcycles often end in serious or fatal injuries. In fact, in 2012, 4,957 motorcyclists sustained fatal injuries in motorcycle accidents. Unfortunately, this was a 7% increase from statistics recorded in 2012.

Because our Reno motorcycle accident lawyers would like to be part of raising awareness during Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, our team has listed some helpful tips you may want to consider if you ride a motorcycle on a regular basis:

1. Avoid Riding in the Blind Spots of Other Vehicles

When compared to other vehicles, motorcycles are amongst the smallest on the road. For this reason, it can be easy for motorists to overlook or not see a motorcycle when changing lanes. To ensure other motorists can see you, refrain from riding in the blind spots of other cars.

2. Never Assume Another Driver Sees You

It is important that motorcyclists never assume a driver sees them. To ensure a driver sees you, do your best to make eye contact with the motorist before proceeding with driving maneuvers. This is especially important in traffic-dense areas such as busy intersections.

3. Do Not Split Lanes, Even in Stopped Traffic

Although some states do allow motorcyclists to split lanes, it is best practice to avoid doing so. Motorcyclists who split lanes put themselves at risk for serious accidents. This is because other drivers may not see motorcyclists when they change lanes. Often, motorcyclists will take advantage of stopped or slow traffic by splitting lanes. However, it is important to remember that other motorists become impatient and change lanes without using signals, putting motorcyclists at serious risk for injury.

4. Watch the Road Ahead for Potholes and Debris

Again, due to the size of motorcycles, pothole and road debris can cause riders to suffer fatal injuries if the motorcyclist collides with such items. For this reason, it is important that motorcyclists remain aware of the road condition in front of them. By doing so, they can avoid running into any road dangers.

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