People Arrested for Marijuana DUI's Receive "Not Guilty" Verdicts During Trials

Recently, juries have been forced to acquit Colorado DUI defendants charged with driving under the influence of marijuana. Why? Sources state that because prosecutors are finding it difficult to prove these drivers are actually impaired at the time of arrest, juries are unable to justify why these defendants should be considered guilty.

In one case, a jury concluded a “not guilty” verdict for a man caught and arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana. After his arrest, the man underwent a blood test, which revealed the man was driving a vehicle while over the legal limit. However, during the trial, the jury concluded there was not an adequate amount of evidence to prove the man was driving while impaired.

The defendant’s attorney stated that unlike alcohol, marijuana and the way people are affected by it cannot be measured by a specific standard.

The Specifics of the Case

One evening, a police officer spotted the defendant driving a car with a missing headlight. The officer pulled over the defendant and asked that the defendant consent to a field sobriety test. The defendant agreed, and the officer arrested the defendant for DUI.

While in custody, the defendant submitted to a blood test, which revealed the defendant was 2.9 nanograms over the legal limit of five nanograms per milliliter. As a result, the defendant would potentially face a DUI conviction.

The defendant retained legal representation and fought the DUI charge. The defendant’s lawyer stated that his client was not impaired in any way, shape, or form, and that the defendant was and is a responsible consumer. The jury ruled in favor of the defendant.

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