The Increase in Juvenile Crimes Around Halloween Night

Halloween is a holiday that can be celebrated by persons of all ages. Whether you are dressing up, handing out candies, building a haunted house, or taking the kids to a pumpkin patch, there is something to do for everyone! While Halloween can be an enjoyable time, it is a day and weekend known for the mischievous activities that occur during the evenings.

In fact, research states that numerous juvenile crimes occur around this time of year. Underage drinking is amongst the most common. One study conducted by two colleges in upstate New York found that 68% of 1,253 students participated in underage drinking on Halloween night and weekend. Of course, this leaves the underage drinking students at large risk for DUI arrests.

Additionally, vandalism and theft are common crimes that occur frequently around Halloween time. Many young persons are arrested for smashing or destroying pumpkins and other pieces of property, stealing candy, and in the worst cases, breaking and entering into the homes of others.

How Juvenile Crimes Can Affect Your Life

Juvenile crimes can have a serious and negative effect on a person’s life, regardless of whether or not a conviction is deemed a misdemeanor or felony.

Below is a list of ways a juvenile crime can impact an individual’s future:

  • Can complicate or ruin the chances of attending college
  • Can complicate or ruin the chances of finding a place to live
  • Can complicate the process of obtaining a job
  • Can make applying for a loan difficult
  • Can raise the price of an insurance premium
  • Can cause the individual to lose their license
  • Can result in costly fines and penalties

Charged with a crime on Halloween night? Call Joey Gilbert Law for Aggressive Representation

The Reno criminal defense lawyers at Joey Gilbert Law understand that a person can make a poor decision due to a momentary lack of judgment. That is why we are here. Our compassionate Reno criminal defense attorney can help protect the future and rights of your child if your child has been arrested on Halloween night or weekend. When you become our client, we will examine every intricacy of your child’s case to formulate an effective strategy.

If your child has been arrested, do not wait a second longer. Contact Joey Gilbert Law today! We put our experienced lawyers in your corner.


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