The Volkswagen Diesel-Engine Scandal

In September, Volkswagen was found guilty of building many of their newest diesel-powered vehicles with a “defeat device” that allows these vehicles to pass emissions tests despite the illegal amounts of pollutants these vehicles release. In fact, most of Volkswagen’s diesel-powered vehicles emit up to 40 times in excess of the legal limit of pollutants allowed under federal regulations. Researchers found that roughly 500,000 of these Volkswagen vehicles were programmed with these devices. Following the discovery, the United States Environment Protection Agency took immediate action.

How Do These Defeat Devices Work?

These devices are made of software embedded in small computers which are installed on vehicles. When the vehicle undergoes an emissions test, the small computer recognizes that the car is not experiencing normal driving conditions by recognizing the front tires are not in motion. In addition, the software detects that the vehicle is actually undergoing an emissions test and manipulates the way the machine reads the amount of emissions measured, producing only the amount of pollutants allowed in order for the vehicle to pass these tests.

Once the illegal use of these “defeat devices” was confirmed, the CEO of Volkswagen apologized. Shortly after, he submitted his resignation, hoping that this action would gain back the trust of vehicle consumers. Immediately after, Volkswagen saw a large crash in stock prices.

As of the end of September, Volkswagen was forced to set aside 6.5 billing euros, which is equivalent to $7.3 billion, to cover the costs of recalls and other efforts to satisfy consumers. Of course, Volkswagen may also face charges and large fines associated with civil and criminal penalties for their dishonest conduct as well as costly expenses from the Unites States Environmental Protection Agency.

Joey Gilbert Law Can Help you

If you were misled into buying a Volkswagen, diesel-powered vehicle because you thought they were safer for the environment, our Reno consumer rights lawyers can provide you with aggressive representation. If you bought any of the following affected vehicles made between 2008 and 2015, our team can help you learn more about your rights and eligiblity to file a Volkswagen lawsuit for compensation:

  • VW Beetle
  • VW Passat
  • VW Golf
  • VW Jetta
  • Audi A3

As a consumer, you have rights - including the right to take part in a class-action lawsuit against Volkwagen and the right to recover financial compensation for VW's fraudulent actions. If you have any questions, contact our knowledgeable Reno lawyers at Joey Gilbert Law. We are here for you.


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