Yes on 1 and No on 3

With the November Ballot approaching, initiatives, propositions, and campaigns are in full swing and trying to convince everyone why this or that should or should not be passed. Here at Joey Gilbert Law, we are not different, however, we just want to provide the facts about the propositions we care the most about, and want you to be the judge.

We are very passionate about Question 3, the Margin Tax Initiative, and Question 1, the Nevada Judicial Appointment Amendment.

Despite the great lengths the Nevada Economy has been going through to become better, it continues to struggle. With Tesla recently announcing their move to Nevada, it has sparked a lot of interest in several other corporations to move to Nevada, which would result in thousands of jobs, and could bring Nevada out of the slump it has been in. However, this new Margin Tax on businesses would do the exact opposite to our economy than what it would hope to do. Question 3 is a 2% tax on gross revenues on businesses that make over a certain amount per year. However, this is not on a company’s profits. This means that a company could be taxed heavily on the revenues of a year, even if they have high business expenses, putting them in the red. This is projected to happen to a lot of locally owned business across all of Nevada, which would result in job losses, and even company closures. This is exactly what Nevada does not need to happen right now.

One of the biggest points of pride that Nevadans share, is the opinion of how different and better the state is run than our neighboring state California, especially when it comes to taxes. However, with this tax, it would put Nevada in the top five highest taxed states on businesses; even higher than California.

Our biggest issue with this tax and its campaign efforts are the emotional ploy that these funds will be spent on Nevada’s education. Education reform is something that needs to be looked into, we would agree, however, the money raised from the tax would be put in the general fund, meaning politicians can chose how the money is actually spent, and does not guarantee any additional funding for education whatsoever. To us, it seems as if the “money for education” is just a tactic to get more votes for it to pass. We have been lied to by politicians in the past, but like the famous saying goes, “fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Don’t be fooled.

Question 1 is the other point of interest we are very passionate about here at Joey Gilbert Law. It seeks to establish a Three – Judge Appellate Court, which would enhance Nevada’s Judicial Process by reducing case backlog, efficiently managing the appeals process and allowing the Nevada Supreme Court to focus on the most pressing and complex issues of the court and state. Nevada, surprisingly, is one of only ten states that does not have a Court of Appeals, even though our Supreme Court is one of the busiest in the nations. Essentially, it would provide a more timely access to justice for our Nevadans, while also creating a more stable business climate for existing and new businesses.

All we ask from you is to be educated about what you are voting on this November. Know how it will affect our people, our economy and our state as a whole.


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