Cyber Bullying is Still a Growing Problem

More than ever, social networking is growing and kids have easier access to the internet and all kinds of technology. With this easier access, comes little to none monitoring of internet use and because of this, cyber bullying is taking place. Cyber bullying is a major issue of debate these days, one of the main reasons is because it is aiding in the suicide rate among children.

Just recently in New York, a 12 year old girl was found hanged in her own home. The girl, Gabrielle Molina, left behind a note that mentioned she was bullied through the internet. Police, that are investigating this horrible tragedy, took the two computers in the family's home to further explore this possibility. Police are also taking into consideration the school that Gabrielle attended. She was a 7th grader who attended Jean Nuzzi Intermediate School 109 in Queens, New York. The school, while it received a B for 2012 progress reports, only scored a C in areas like safety, respect, engagement, and communication.

Almost two years ago in September of 2011 in New York, a 14 year old boy also committed suicide. This was also a major news story, which escalated even further when the boy's idol, Lady Gaga, started to comment on it. The boy, Jamey Rodemeyer, was bullied largely in part to his sexual orientation as he had just come out to his friends the past May. Jamey had just started his freshman year in high school when he committed suicide, details on how exactly he passed away weren't released for a while, but eventually it was released that he committed suicide by hanging. Jamey's story has brought on awareness to what these children go through when they are cyber bullied.

Most believe that children are committing suicide because they believe they have no other options and that they are completely alone. A crisis counselor, who was sent to the school to talk to Gabrielle's classmates, stated, "Kids need to know they’re not in this situation by themselves." More and more studies are being done to correlate the relationship between bullying, specifically cyber bullying, and suicidal thoughts among children and adolescents. One study, completed by Yale University, found that those who were bullied were two to nine times more likely to have suicidal thoughts than those who weren't. Suicide is resulting in over four thousand deaths a year in children and adolescents. One report released that for every suicide that is completed a year, there are at least a hundred attempts. The chancellor of the New York City Department of Education released the statement regarding cyber bullying, "It’s something that I want to make sure we continue to focus on, something I’m very much interested in working with our student population about."

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