Universal Gun Background Check Amendment Fails

After the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newton, Connecticut, the United States has been in constant debate on new gun control laws. The most recent gun-control proposal, Manchin-Toomey background check amendment had the best chance at passing through Congress. It was, however, defeated in the Senate on April 17, 2013. This proposal would have extended background checks for gun buyers to include those purchased at gun shows and on the internet. The proposal was six votes shy of passing the Senate and moving on the chamber. Recent polls that were done through the United States show that Americans are in support for tougher background check on gun buyers. One of the reasons the President and the rest of American are so upset that the proposal didn't pass is because almost 90 percent of American citizens supported the amendment. This makes American citizens wonder why the Senate wouldn't pass an amendment that almost every American citizen wanted.

President Obama backed the proposal after the Sandy Hook shootings in December. The President is a vocal supporter of gun control and after the Senate not passing the amendment, called Wednesday April 17, a "pretty shameful day in Washington". The original legislation wanted to ban the passage of high assault weapons and limit high capacity ammunition magazines. These were removed from the amendment, and tougher background checks were the only remaining part. It was both Republicans and Democrats who responsible for the failure of the amendment. However, only four Republicans supported the proposal, which made Democrats the main supporters of the amendment. One of these four Republicans in support was of the amendment was one of the creators, Senator Pat Toomey. Senator Harry Reid also decided to vote no, although by doing this allows him to bring the proposal back at a later time.

The NRA calls the amendment "misguided" and says that tougher background checks won't help keep children safe in schools or even reduce violent gun related crime. Others believe that the tougher background checks would lead to the government keeping a list of gun owners and their firearms, which over 55 percent of Americans oppose. The NRA promoted that if the amendment was passed would lead to a list which would eventually lead to the government taking their firearms. This strategy to lie about what the bill contained started when one Senator didn't like a bill on health reform so he lied to instill fear about the bill. However by reading the entire Manchin-Toomey background check amendment, one would discover that the amendment prevents such a list from coming into existence.

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