Cuts in Revenue = Increase in Crime

In a time of recession the government is looking for any way to cut the budget, but it is seen as taking a toll on the public due to a crime rate increase and the cutting of the police force. Violent crime has risen 18% in the nation this year, and the relevance with the cutting of officials is directly linked. This is the first rise since 1993. Not surprising, property crime has spiked in the first time in a decade as well.

In Newark, New Jersey a women was shot while sitting in a car with her friends late one night. The violent man walked up towards the car firing rounds in order to obtain the vehicle. The driver sped off before the man could take control, but for the 24-year old mother of two, the shot had already punctured her lung and was killing her slowly. "When they got her on the gurney she kept saying 'I'm dying, I'm dying," the driver stated. "Please don't let me die. I have two kids." At 3 a.m. the victim was pronounced dead.

Her death is one of at the least 71 homicides this year in Newark. In Newark alone, 160 police officers were cut from the force since November of 2010. Through October, the city had 74 murders and violent crimes soared last year. According to Julien X. Neals, police expenditures in Newark have declined every year for the last three years, leaving the police to sustain public services with lessoning resources.

"Most cities have cut back since 2008 and the recession, though some more than others," said Gregory Minchak, member of the National League of Cities. With the budget decreasing the piece of the pie keeps getting smaller for the police officials. In Newark, "We've been in process of reducing our expenses pretty aggressively for the last three years," stated Neals, who saw improvements in the city's tax collection efforts to help with the revenue.

Newark is seen as one of New Jersey's cities that maintain gangs that have more then 200 members. "I know (police) are overwhelmed, People are dying but we want cops on the street doing something," Latasha Watson a resident of Newark explains.

The increase in crime and the decrease in public officials has posed a huge threat to this nation and is being a driving force of cities to obtain the money they received from the local and federal government. The public administrators need to look more towards the good of the public citizenry then to cut resources and funds to departments that ensure safety.


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