Medical Malpractice Study by Rand Corporation Demonstrates Connection between Injuries and Claims

When people have been harmed by a medical provider’s negligence, they may choose to sue that provider for medical malpractice. The goals of such a lawsuit are to prove that the provider acted in a way that fell below the standard of care expected of similar professionals, and to help the patient recover money damages for the resulting pain, suffering, and expenses.

Media coverage of some unusual cases has fed the perception that people often file frivolous suits against doctors just to make some easy money. The reality is that most lawsuits are filed by plaintiffs who were severely injured by clearly negligent practices: people who had the wrong limb amputated due to miscommunication among hospital staff; parents whose children were given overdoses of medicine or radiation; or bereaved spouses of people who were not tested or treated in a timely manner for conditions that would have been obvious to any trained professional.

In fact, a recent study on medical malpractice published by Rand International (a nonprofit, nonpartisan institute) shows that in counties where adverse safety outcomes for patients decreased, the medical malpractice claims filed decreased as well.

Medical malpractice lawsuits are complex and lengthy. They require expert testimony from medical professionals who understand the particular field at issue; the gathering of hundreds of medical records and other documents related to the patient’s health; and a thorough knowledge of the relevant laws of the particular state in which the suit is brought. Hiring an experienced attorney who can bring together the factual evidence, the strongest expert testimony, and the best legal arguments is the key to winning a medical malpractice lawsuit. In addition, as a skilled negotiator, an experienced attorney may be able to present the case effectively enough to generate a satisfactory settlement without requiring extensive litigation.

Obviously, we should all hope for fewer instances of medical malpractice. However, as long as negligent acts continue to harm patients, those patients should be allowed to recover full compensation for their injuries.

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