Nevada Drug Trafficking on The Rise

According to various reports, drug use and sales are at high levels in Nevada. The U.S. Department of Justice points to several important issues regarding drug use in the state, including unchecked borders with California and Arizona, a growing crystal meth problem and a nightlife that contributes to easy access to traditional club drugs. With these elements vexing law enforcement, it is readily apparent that Nevada has a drug trafficking problem.

According to the National Drug Intelligence Center, "ice" methamphetamine is the most significant drug threat to the Las Vegas and Reno region. It is supplied through Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento and other cities in Mexico. While marijuana is the most widely available and abused drug in Nevada, trafficking of cocaine is viewed as a greater threat since Las Vegas is often used as a distribution center where wholesale quantities are available to other traffickers in the region.

In 2010, the Drug Enforcement Administration reported 211 drug arrests. With the increased emphasis on curbing drug use and the violence between competing cartels, the Department of Justice continues to vigorously prosecute drug trafficking cases.

The government will obtain a conviction if it can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a defendant delivered (or attempted to deliver) a controlled substance. A drug trafficking conviction can also be obtained by proving possession of illegal drugs with intent to distribute, based on the amount of drugs discovered, the amount of cash, as well as weapons found on the defendant during or soon after the arrest. In a number of cases, courts have upheld drug trafficking convictions when police have found distribution paraphernalia such as "baggies", receipt books and cigarette wrapping paper in addition to controlled substances.

However, law enforcement must operate within the bounds of the Fourth Amendment in making arrests and seizing evidence. If the police violate a defendant’s civil rights in the course of finding drugs or making a drug-related arrest, all evidence discovered after the fact may be ruled inadmissible as part as an illegal search. If this occurs, the case may be dismissed. Any experienced Reno drug attorney would know this.

In 2010 Interstate I-80 running from San Francisco to Chicago and running through Reno, NV, was reported to have accounted for the highest number of drug related arrests and stops in the nation. This indeed contributed to the heightened efforts to hedge the trafficking business being run through Nevada.

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