Nevada DUI Laws

Nevada DUI Laws – Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) and Implied Consent

“Per Se” BAC Limit 0.08%
Zero Tolerance (Under 21) BAC Limit 0.02%
Enhanced Penalty (Aggravated) BAC Limit 0.18%
Implied Consent to Submit to a BAC Test? Yes
“Per-Se” BAC Limit for Commercial Driver’s License 0.04%

The following is a list of controlled substances and the per se levels that render you in violation of the NRS for purposes of driving under the influence:

  Urine Blood
Prohibited substance Nanograms Per Mililiter Nanograms Per Mililiter
Amphetamine 500 100
Cocaine 150 50
Cocaine metabolite 150 50
Heroin metabolite:    (1) Morphine 2000 50
Heroin metabolite: (2) 6-monoacetyl morphine 10 10
Lysergic acid diethylamide 25 10
Marijuana** see below 10 2
Marijuana metabolite 15 5
Methamphetamine 500 100

Nevada DUI Penalties

Minimum License Revocation (1st/2nd/3rd) 90 Days / 1 Year / 3 Years
Mandatory Alcohol Education and Treatment Both are required
Vehicle Confiscation by State No, possible registration restrictions
Ignition Interlock Device Yes, requirements vary

Jail Time

1st Offense 48 Hours – 6 Months
2nd Offense 96 Hours – 1 Year

A second offense Dui generally results in 10 days in jail or 20 days of house arrest.

State Prison: Felony DUI *

3rd Offense 1 Year – 6 Years
4th Offense 2 Years – 15 Years

* Contact Joey Gilbert & Associates immediately.

In Nevada 0.08 BAC is the “per-se” level for a DUI offense. If your alcohol level is above 0.08 you will be charged with a DUI regardless of how well you may have been driving.

However, you do not have to be over 0.08 to be given a DUI, if the officer believes you are impaired and unable to drive, they may still arrest you for DUI without being over 0.08 BAC.

Finally, should you be found with 0.08 or greater within 2 hours of driving or being in actual physical control of your vehicle, the officer may charge you with DUI.

**Medical Marijuana Cards

The State of Nevada does NOT recognize a California (or any other State’s) medical marijuana card.  Therefore, even if you are legally permitted to smoke marijuana in California, you will be arrested for DUI in Nevada if you drive with any measurable amount of marijuana in your system.

Even those few who have Nevada medical marijuana cards must be very cautious and should not drive if they have smoked recently. Holding a Nevada marijuana registry card ONLY allows the holder of the card to possess:

1. One ounce of usable marijuana (defined in NRS 453A.160)

2. Three mature marijuana plants (defined in NAC 453A.080, sec. 2)

3. Four immature marijuana plants (defined in NAC 453A.080, sec.1)

Anyone who frequently uses marijuana will likely be over the Nevada Per Se limit even 24 hours after use.   However, there are technical issues that can be overcome and save your license.

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