Although the maximum penalty for a Misdemeanor is one year in local custody plus fines, there are other potential consequences that make having a Misdemeanor conviction every bit as serious as a felony conviction. For example, with certain Misdemeanor convictions, you can face deportation or exclusion from the United States, bans on owning or carrying firearms and mandatory registration as a sex offender or narcotics offender. A conviction in some types of cases can result in loss of driving privileges, loss of school scholarships and loss of employment.

Just because you are charged with a Misdemeanor as opposed to a felony does not mean that the case should be taken lightly. With the right attorney, it is possible to have charges dropped, dismissed or reduced. There are programs open to individuals that provide opportunities for diversion or reduction in charges.  It is important to get an attorney on your side immediately that is highly respected and experienced in all types of misdemeanor cases.

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