Drug Crimes and Laws

Drug related offenses are becoming more prevalent in today’s justice system.  Generally, the person who is caught with a small amount of a controlled substance for personal use will get the biggest breaks during a pending case. However, a large level trafficker who is willing to assist in ongoing investigations will also reap some benefits.

There can also be civil penalties incurred during a drug arrest. The prosecutor can file a forfeiture claim for items purchased with the proceeds from the sale of drugs. This is a separate action from any criminal charges. If you fail to respond to this civil complaint, any items seized can become the property of the arresting and prosecuting agencies. If you are charged with a drug related offense, you need an attorney who is familiar with these types of cases and the detective and prosecutors who handle them.

For additional information on drug crimes, visit the Nevada Revised Statutes website:

Possession of Controlled Substance – N.R.S. 453.336

Possession of Controlled Substance with Intent to Sell – N.R.S. 453.337

Trafficking in Controlled Substance (Except Marijuana) – N.R.S. 453.3385

Trafficking in Controlled Substance Marijuana – N.R.S. 453.339

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By Joey Gilbert