Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence is physical harm inflicted on a family member by another member of the same family. Usually, these family members live in the same house and are spouses. Domestic violence can involve repetitive physical and psychological abuse.  If you are a victim of domestic violence, you need to contact a domestic violence attorney or law firm who is proactive and aggressive to make sure you receive the guidance and protection you deserve.

Every domestic violence case is different. Even if a “victim” wants to drop the charges, or stop them from being filed, the decision is not theirs to make. Whether or not charges are filed is in the sole discretion of either the district attorney or city prosecutor.

Not only are units established in the prosecutor’s office to handle these cases, now entire courtrooms and judges are devoted to domestic violence cases. If domestic violence charges are brought against you, as a condition of remaining free on bail, you can expect to be facing a “no contact” order with the “victim” and the possibility that you may be barred from your own home.

Although it may be possible to avoid jail, if convicted be prepared for long-term domestic violence counseling, losing all rights to own and carry a firearm and lengthy court review hearings.

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By Joey Gilbert