DMV Hearings

The result of DMV Administrative Hearings depend upon whether or not the police officer had probable cause to stop you for drunk driving in the first place and the experience of the officer who administered the alcohol tests. Another factor critical to successful defense in DMV Hearings are the procedural aspects of keeping the alcohol screening devices or chemical tests in concurrence with established State statutes.

The DMV Administrative Hearing is a hearing where you will have the opportunity to show that a suspension or revocation of your driving privilege is not justified. At this hearing, you and your DUI attorney will present testimony and/or relevant evidence on your behalf.  If the review shows there is no basis for the suspension or revocation, the action will be set aside and your driver’s license will be returned.

If keeping your license to drive is a critical issue for your employment, family or livelihood, you may need a lawyer who understands the process and who can get you a restricted license pending the resolution of your criminal case.

DMV Hearings are very difficult to win.  If you want to “go it alone”, you have very little chance of success.  Speak with the experienced attorneys at Joey Gilbert & Associates to better understand the DMV hearing process and increase your chance of success.

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