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  • The Process of a Criminal Arrest

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 29-Mar-2016

    Typically, the criminal process begins with a stop or an arrest. In most cases, a law enforcement officer can only arrest a person if: The officer has probable cause to believe that the person committed a felony. The officer witnessed the person committing a misdemeanor. There is a warrant for that person’s arrest. Regardless of what the reason may be, when a person is stopped or arrested, ...
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  • What You Need to Know About Miranda Rights

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 25-Mar-2016

    Many individuals believe they can avoid criminal penalties if law enforcement officers fail to read them their Miranda Rights during arrest. However, in most cases, prosecutors are not permitted to use any information a suspect claims during a trial. For this reason, it is important to fully understand the Miranda Rights to safeguard your future, freedom, and rights if you are arrested. To help ...
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  • Medical Condition or DUI?

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 22-Mar-2016

    Law enforcement officers are not infallible machines – they can and often do make mistakes. While officers are trained in alcohol and drug recognition, personal discretion plays a large role in situations where motorists are stopped and evaluated under suspicion of driving under the influence. Nevada and states throughout the country enforce DUI laws that explicitly set the blood alcohol ...
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  • People Arrested for Marijuana DUI's Receive "Not Guilty" Verdicts During Trials

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 16-Mar-2016

    Recently, juries have been forced to acquit Colorado DUI defendants charged with driving under the influence of marijuana. Why? Sources state that because prosecutors are finding it difficult to prove these drivers are actually impaired at the time of arrest, juries are unable to justify why these defendants should be considered guilty. In one case, a jury concluded a “not guilty” ...
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