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  • 10 Firework Safety Tips to Keep Your Family Safe on Fourth of July

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 30-Jun-2016

    With Fourth of July just around the corner, many families and groups of friends are planning holiday evenings full of food, drinks, and, of course, fireworks. While these engaging, firework shows can be entertaining for people of all ages, these items can be dangerous if people using or supplying these fireworks are not careful. According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and ...
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  • 7 Ways Underage DUIs are Different from Normal DUIs

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 13-Jun-2016

    Drinking and driving is a serious crime, no matter what the age. However, persons under the age of 21 are considered minors and are subject to some unique laws and punishments if convicted of DUI. In Nevada, law enforcement implements a “zero tolerance” policy. This policy states that a minor with a blood-alcohol content of at least 0.02 will be arrested for a DUI. However, this is ...
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  • Public Hearing to Discuss Medical Marijuana Misconduct Scheduled for July 7

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 8-Jun-2016

    According to a report released by the Supreme Court of Nevada, on July 7, the court will review a comment regarding the state rules of professional conduct for attorneys and how they interact with Nevada’s medical marijuana laws. As of now, the Supreme Court is welcoming comments from the public and lawyers regarding the proposed comment and whether other changes to state laws are necessary. ...
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  • Physicians are Being Prosecuted for Underprescribing and Overprescribing Patients with Pain Medication

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 1-Jun-2016

    Recently, the federal government has been prosecuting various physicians for prescribing individuals with the following controlled substances in order to treat pain: Oxycontin Codeine Tramadol Methadone Norco Sources state that there is a relatively undefined line between under-prescribing patients with pain medication and over-prescribing patients with pain medication. Both of these situations ...
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