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  • The Importance of Being Fully Covered

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 21-Jul-2016

    When a person is involved in a car accident, they may experience anxiety and worry about various factors. One of the most common factors that car accident victims worry about includes whether or not that person’s insurance policy will cover the damages resulting from the accident. Unfortunately, many individuals do not understand how insurance works or the various forms of insurance that can ...
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  • When is a DUI a Felony in Nevada?

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 20-Jul-2016

    In most DUI cases in Nevada, drivers are charged with misdemeanors. Although the consequences of a misdemeanor conviction can be serious – including license penalties, hefty fines and fees, and terms of imprisonment – they are not as severe as penalties posed by felonies. As such, anyone facing a felony DUI charge should understand the stakes are higher in these cases, and the need for ...
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  • 4 Tips to Maintain Your Car During the Last Summer Months

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 11-Jul-2016

    In the state of Nevada, the summer months and weather can be tough on your vehicle. For this reason, motorists must ensure their vehicles are cared for to prevent auto accidents caused by dry tires, overheating, and cracked internal hoses. To help, our Reno car accident lawyers have listed four helpful tips you may want to consider to keep your vehicle safe for the remainder of summer: 1. Always ...
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