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  • Cyber Bullying is Still a Growing Problem

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 26-May-2013

    More than ever, social networking is growing and kids have easier access to the internet and all kinds of technology. With this easier access, comes little to none monitoring of internet use and because of this, cyber bullying is taking place. Cyber bullying is a major issue of debate these days, one of the main reasons is because it is aiding in the suicide rate among children. Just recently in ...
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  • Brianna's Law Passed

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 24-May-2013

    On Monday May, 20, 2013, the famous Brianna's law for DNA testing passed 29-9 in state Assembly. For those who don't know what Brianna's law is, it is a bill that proposes that whenever a person is booked for a felony arrest they must get a cheek-swab. The bill was named after a girl who lived in Reno who was abducted and murdered, Brianna Denison, back in 2008. Many believe that if ...
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  • World Anti-Doping Agency Loosens Marijuana Regulations

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 23-May-2013

    The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is an agency created in 2003 on the pursuit of eliminating 'doping', or the use of performance- enhancing substances in any sports and governments around the world. The WADA has implemented a universal code which encodes the banned substances, the procedures for violations, the testing of athletes, etc. This code is followed by over 600 sporting ...
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  • The Advantages and Disadvantages of Judicial Discretion

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 17-May-2013

    A judge's role could be considered as passive and reactive in a pretrial procedure. Eying over everything that is going on and making sure that no ones rights are infringed upon is one of the judges duties. Though in most cases where the jury will decide the defendants fate, in a traditional sentence the judge will be called to exercise the ultimate authority of the state in determining the ...
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  • Cameras in Courtrooms

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 16-May-2013

    A courtroom is a place that no one wants to be on the bad side of. But why is it that individuals want to view what is going on inside? Curiosity is something that is instilled in the public, especially when it comes to criminals in the process of conviction. Cameras in courtrooms can cause controversy that may influence jury verdicts positively and negatively. Though it has been prohibited that ...
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