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  • Marijuana Laws in Colorado and Washington

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 8-Nov-2012

    After this years elections just dated two days ago, the citizens of Colorado and Washington are ecstatic about the right to recreationally use marijuana. Many other states like California see this as the "light at the end of the tunnel." Although the referendums were passed, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper explains that it is too soon to "break out the Cheetos." The states ...
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  • Deportation and Criminal Law

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 2-Nov-2012

    A battle is occurring between attorneys and their clients regarding all of the possible outcome that can come out of a case. Deportation is a scary idea to many people in the United States and in any criminal conviction, deportation is often looked at as a consequence to ones bad choices. In 2010 the Supreme Court ruled that criminal defense lawyers must warn their clients of deportation if a ...
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  • Illegal Searches by Drug Dogs

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 1-Nov-2012

    Instead of searching for candy on Halloween, police dogs were being looked at by the Supreme Court for possible searching unwarrantably for drugs. Two court cases have been filed and brought to the attention of the Supreme Court regarding the use of police dogs and the protection of the public under the fourth amendment. The two cases raise the issue to whether searches can be sought when a canine ...
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