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  • President Obama's June, 15 Executive Order on Immigration

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 22-Jun-2012

    On June, 15 President Obama issued an Executive Order that could help many young immigrants avoid being deported and even help them legally find work in the United States! In order to be eligible, you must be under the age of 35 and have entered the United States before you were 16 years of age. As well, you must have been present both on the date the Executive Order (June, 15) was given and for 5 ...
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  • Colorado Revises DUI Policies

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 20-Jun-2012

    Colorado legislators are currently in the process of setting a legal blood limit that would lead to DUI arrests in the case of marijuana-impaired drivers. Currently, only three states have such laws; Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Ohio. Pennsylvania retains a 5 nanogram limit, while Nevada and Ohio have a 2 nanogram limit. Previously, the state of Colorado has unsuccessfully attempted to pass a similar ...
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