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  • The Serious Nature of Felonies

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 29-Jan-2012

    Felonies are typically the most serious crimes in any system of criminal law. A standard definition of a felony is any crime punishable by more than one year in prison or by death. This means that any crime that has a sentence of only a fine or confinement in the local jail is not a felony. Often the offense itself is not labeled as a felony, but the punishment tells the public that the offense is ...
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  • Tort Reform's Impact on The Practice of Law

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 25-Jan-2012

    To understand tort reform, one must understand the definition of a tort. Simply put, a tort is a non-criminal civil wrong that is caused either on purpose or through negligence. Or, to put it another way, torts are civil cases in which an act, intentional or otherwise, has caused injury (physical, mental or monetary). In such cases where a tort is committed, the injured party has the right to sue ...
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  • El Informe de NDAA

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 23-Jan-2012

    En el último día de 2011, El presidente de los E.E.U.U., Obama, firmó una ley que se llama El acta de autorización de defensa nacional. (NDAA) La manera en que firmó el proyecto de ley, no es algo raro; el (NDAA) se ha escrito en la ley durante cada año en los 50 años atrás. El propósito de la ley en el pasado y hoy en día es ...
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  • Are You Reading This While Driving? If So, STOP!

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 7-Jan-2012

    To all motorists who've been talking and texting on their cell phones during the last three months. Your time legally texting, talking and driving are nearing an end. Beginning on January 1 st 2012, the state's ban on driving and cellphone use will officially begin. Those who are facing their first offense will be charged with a $50 and your second offense will run you approximately $112 ...
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