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  • Reno, Nevada domestic violence charges carry possibility of felony conviction

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 28-Sep-2011

    A domestic violence charge in Reno is a serious criminal charge that can result in jail time, job loss and the inability to own firearms or hold certain jobs, particularly for members of law enforcement or those in the military. These charges are frequently lodged in the midst of a contentious divorce or child-custody case and can influence your ability to see your children or even return home. ...
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  • car accidents can result in a work injury or personal injury claim

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 23-Sep-2011

    The driver who caused a Reno semi accident has been cited for driving too fast for conditions, KOLOTV reported. The crash happened on Mount Rose Highway on Monday. The driver was headed downhill toward Reno with a truckload of debris from the Tannenbaum Event Center — formerly the Christmas Tree Restaurant. The driver of the truck was not hurt in this case but the road was closed for several ...
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  • DUI Drug charges require an aggressive defense attorney

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 22-Sep-2011

    With the kick-off of the 16 th annual Street Vibrations motorcycle rally and music festival starting yesterday, Reno Police has beefed up its patrol. Tens of thousands of motorcycle riders and enthusiasts all riding and partying for 5 days can lead to numerous accidents and arrests. A Reno DUI defense lawyer should be consulted whenever a defendant is facing a drunk driving charge. In cases where ...
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  • Summer riding season a dangerous time for Nevada motorcycle accidents

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 21-Sep-2011

    A Reno man has died from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident on Highway 20 near Sutter, the Appeal-Democrat reported. The 54-year-old was riding with a passenger, westbound on Highway 20, when a 39-year-old motorist made a left turn in front of him, according to authorities. The motorcycle crashed into the side of the Chevy Tahoe, killing the biker. His 49-year-old passenger was ...
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  • Involved in an Accident while Visiting Reno or Tahoe?

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 14-Sep-2011

    With its casinos, its riverfront (complete with water park!), and its easy access to Lake Tahoe and more than a dozen ski resorts, Reno, Nevada attracts vast numbers of tourists year round. Unfortunately, some of those tourists may be injured or otherwise involved in an accident during their visit. Being involved in an accident is an extremely stressful experience even in the best of ...
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  • Medical Malpractice Study by Rand Corporation Demonstrates Connection between Injuries and Claims

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 8-Sep-2011

    When people have been harmed by a medical provider’s negligence, they may choose to sue that provider for medical malpractice. The goals of such a lawsuit are to prove that the provider acted in a way that fell below the standard of care expected of similar professionals, and to help the patient recover money damages for the resulting pain, suffering, and expenses. Media coverage of some ...
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  • Asalto y cargo de DUI en Reno muestra la necesidad de una defensa agresiva

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 6-Sep-2011

    Canal 2 Noticias informa que un hombre se enfrenta a cargos de DUI en Reno, así como cargos de asalto y poner en peligro a un niño después de señalar con una pistola a una familia durante un conflicto sobre conducción. Cargos de violencia doméstica y asalto en Reno o Tahoe Lake con frecuencia acompañan a las acusaciones de conducir ebrio o ...
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  • Being Arrested in Reno or Lake Tahoe area for Identity Fraud possession of a document to establish False Identity is a Deportable Offense

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 2-Sep-2011

    It is starting to happen more and more as both non-citizens and illegal immigrants in the Reno, Sparks and greater Washoe County, Lyon County, Eldorado County and Carson Valley are getting arrested for attempting to use the documentation of another person to establish a false identity or identity fraud. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials are starting to report a rise on the number ...
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  • Carson City caso de drogas DUI Pide una defensa agresiva

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 2-Sep-2011

    Una mujer se enfrenta a cargos de DUI y posesión de drogas en Carson City después de un accidente de cuatro vehículos que involucran a un policía estatal, reporta Fox 11 News. Un abogado defensor de Carson City siempre se debe ser consultado cuando detenciones DUI conlleva a cargos de drogas en Nevada o California. Una de las primeras cosas que un abogado defensor a ...
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