• Can You Be Arrested for Riding Your Bicycle While Impaired?

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 10-Feb-2016

    According to Nevada DUI laws, bicyclists are not technically breaking any DUI laws when riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is because intoxicated driving regulations apply to motorcycles and vehicles, not electric bicycles or bicycles. However, a person riding a bicycle while drunk can still face serious criminal charges. Nevada state laws state that high or drunk bicyclists may ...
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  • Why You Should Contact an Attorney After a Car Accident

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 25-Jan-2016

    No matter who or what caused a car accident, the aftermath is frightening, tense, and stressful. Although accidents usually happen within split seconds, investigations, police reports, and moving the vehicles from the road can take much more time. During all of these events, it can be easy to forget about contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately after the accident occurs. ...
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  • What are the Penalties for Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana?

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 15-Jan-2016

    As many already know, Arizona has some of the strictest DUI laws and the some of the harshest penalties for those who break them. But, did you know that drivers can also face heavy fines and serious penalties if caught driving under the influence of marijuana? That’s right. Driving high can land you with some severe consequences. According to Nevada laws, a driver who is impaired by ...
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  • Snowfall in Reno Causes Many Vehicles to Lose Traction

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 7-Jan-2016

    Recently, the roads in Reno have become quite a dangerous place due to the amount of snowfall the city has experienced. On the morning of December 24, over 20 passenger vehicles lost traction and slipped off the roads on Interstate 80. When a Highway Patrol Trooper stopped to help accident victims, a sliding car struck his vehicle. He reports that driving speeds were the main culprit for the large ...
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  • National Impaired Driving Prevention Month Raises Awareness Through the Holidays

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 17-Dec-2015

    Earlier this month, President Barack Obama declared December National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. By doing so, he encouraged Americans across the country to reflect on the dangers of drunk and drugged driving and reminded everyone to drive sober lest they risk causing preventable accidents or being arrested by increased law enforcement presence. As we near Christmas and the New Year, ...
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  • 10 Tips for Driving in Wet Weather Conditions

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 11-Dec-2015

    December is here, and the rainy season is amongst us! While rainy weather can bring about fun activities like taking the kids to splash in puddles, the ability to wear cozy, warm clothes, and the perfect time to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa, it can also increase the likelihood of car accidents if drivers are not careful. To help you travel to and from destinations safely while driving on wet roads, ...
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  • Avoid a DUI During the Holiday Season

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 1-Dec-2015

    December is nearly here. Of course, with all of the holidays just around the corner, many holiday festivities will be in full effect. Numerous individuals will find themselves at some kind of Hanukkah celebration, Christmas party, or Kwanzaa revelry. While these events allow many people to visit with close friends and other loved ones, various parties will also offer alcoholic beverages as a part ...
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  • Protect Your Rights: Avoiding Mistakes After a Car Accident

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 10-Nov-2015

    Car accidents can be frightening and overwhelming experiences, but the steps you take immediately after an accident and in the following days, weeks, or months could make the difference for your health. It can also make the difference in your personal injury case - should you choose to file one - and your ability to recover financial compensation for your damages, including your pain and ...
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  • The Volkswagen Diesel-Engine Scandal

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 4-Nov-2015

    In September, Volkswagen was found guilty of building many of their newest diesel-powered vehicles with a “defeat device” that allows these vehicles to pass emissions tests despite the illegal amounts of pollutants these vehicles release. In fact, most of Volkswagen’s diesel-powered vehicles emit up to 40 times in excess of the legal limit of pollutants allowed under federal ...
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  • The Increase in Juvenile Crimes Around Halloween Night

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 12-Oct-2015

    Halloween is a holiday that can be celebrated by persons of all ages. Whether you are dressing up, handing out candies, building a haunted house, or taking the kids to a pumpkin patch, there is something to do for everyone! While Halloween can be an enjoyable time, it is a day and weekend known for the mischievous activities that occur during the evenings. In fact, research states that numerous ...
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  • Is a DUI Considered a Misdemeanor in Nevada?

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 21-Sep-2015

    In Nevada, a DUI is most often considered a misdemeanor. Misdemeanor DUI charges are the result of a first- or second-time DUI offense that has not caused harm, injury, or death to another person. Although misdemeanors are not punished as harshly as felonies, a person can face serious and long-term penalties for a misdemeanor DUI offense. Below is a list of penalties for first-time DUI offenders ...
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  • The Increase of DUI Enforcement on Labor Day Weekend

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 3-Sep-2015

    Over the Labor Day weekend, tons of people will be traveling to other cities to enjoy one of the last weekends of summer. Oftentimes, with an end of summer celebration comes ample amounts fun, food, and alcoholic beverages. Due to an increased likelihood of persons drinking, many law enforcement agencies increase the number of officers on patrol. That means that checkpoints will appear in more ...
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  • Will My DUI Restrict My Gun Ownership Privileges?

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 24-Aug-2015

    State and federal laws can restrict gun ownership to certain types of people that it considers dangerous. Federal law does not allow certain felons to possess a gun, regardless of its intended purpose. While it is perfectly legal to own a firearm in Nevada with the necessary permits, your privileges may be revoked if you are convicted of a felony DUI. Possession alone can be deemed a violation of ...
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  • 7 Ways Underage DUIs are Different from Normal DUIs

    Posted By Joey Gilbert Law || 7-Aug-2015

    Drinking and driving is a serious crime, no matter what the age. However, persons under the age of 21 are considered minors and are subject to some unique laws and punishments if convicted of a DUI. In Nevada, law enforcement implements a “zero tolerance” policy. This policy states that a minor with a blood-alcohol content of at least 0.02 will be arrested for a DUI. However, this is ...
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  • Are You a Hacker?

    Posted By Lucas Sprenkel || 1-Apr-2015

    In the State of the Union address, President Barack Obama introduced his proposed changes to the cyber security laws. What does this mean for you? With Obama's new proposed laws, simply clicking on a link could make you a criminal. Even sharing a password with a friend could get you into more trouble than you'd expect. Before, hacking was considered something that was meant to defraud ...
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